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Civil Law

Persons, Family, Successions and Obligations in General are the areas we cover when our clients encounter civil law situations that they need to navigate through. The Legal Resource aspect of our practice allows us to match our clients with the appropriate lawyer that specializes in each of these respective fields. Case management is an important additional service we offer to expedite matters and minimize unnecessary legal fees and procedural interventions. 

Franchising is our passion and we welcome Franchisors from out of Province looking to “civilise” their Franchise Concepts prior to introducing them in Quebec. Franchisees, the actual end operator of the system or concept, are usually the most vulnerable and require the greatest guidance to ensure their protection. Having advised on retail, service and restaurant concepts such as Boston Pizza TM, Au Pain Doré TM, Houstons TM and Tim Horton’s TM, we have a wealth of experience that our clients are assured of benefiting from. 

We encourage Successful Business Owners to continue pursuing what they do best...GROWING THEIR BUSINESS while leaving the legal details to us. 

Employment contracts, Non-competition and Non-solicitation Agreements are the basic building blocks of any enterprise. Add to that properly adapted Service Agreements, Subcontracting contracts, Financing arrangements and Mergers and Acquisitions strategies and you have just paved the way for increased market share, profitability and long term growth.


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