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Corporate Law

Corporate Law is a shared jurisdiction in Canada where both Provincial and Federal statutes govern Corporate constitution, function and structure, liquidation and dissolution. 

What is a company? 

A company can be defined as a legal person (une personne morale) in private law created or continued under the authority of a general law endowed with share capital and which exercises a lucrative activity other than that of a Bank, Trust or Insurance. 

Non-profit Companies are similar however the lucrative aspect of their vocation is obviously missing which therefore affects their status vis-à-vis the law. 

Companies act through their organs and have the full enjoyment of civil rights as they are endowed with a juridical personality adapted as required. Directors have liability towards the public as well as toward the Company itself. It is imperative to properly document every corporate decision, have the company intervene in the contracts executed on its behalf as well as respect the fiduciary responsibility the Board of Directors is legally entrusted with. 

We have prepared joint ventures, shareholder agreements, and readjusted corporate share capital due to the inclusion or exclusion of new or existing shareholders amongst other necessary interventions such as the preparation of detailed resolutions that reflect the life of a Company.


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