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Construction Law

Quebec has a very unique legal framework within which Construction Law is practiced. The Quebec Civil Code, Quebec Construction Code, Quebec Code of Civil Procedure and several other particular Federal and Provincial statutes govern the industry from a jurisdictional perspective. 

We offer a full range of services relating to Construction Law in Quebec, advising our clients on the rules governing public and private tenders, the planning and development of private projects with a strong emphasis on Environmental issues, Municipal Law and Urban Planning. We have also worked closely with major real estate developers and subcontractors in the Montreal Area as they navigate the specific rules surrounding Construction hypothecs. 

Arbitration and mediation are becoming the norm in Construction Law and are conflict resolution mechanisms that we strongly advocate. The best protection from conflict however is proper planning, executed contracts that reflect the true intent of the deal, and the management of fully documented files including detailed site meeting notes, diligently written detailed communication and the communication of timely Notices will all help alleviate conflict and accelerate the conflict resolution process. This is especially true since the latest reform of CCDC documentation.



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