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Real Estate Law

We have a vast experience at all levels of Real Estate Development beginning with land acquisition, project development, construction, leasing, property management and property disposition. Working closely with Tax specialists enables us to offer a holistic approach to Real Estate Law. 

The Civil Code of Quebec codifies the various types of property and its appropriation. Municipal Laws and Environmental statutes limit the manner in which Real Estate may be developed, disposed of and managed adding a multiplicity of rules that govern ones right of ownership. It is important to remain current in the latest legislative modifications and jurisprudential interpretations so that the maximum benefit is derived from one of the most important economic factors that is Real Estate in this province. 

We work closely with our clients advising them on the legal framework they are operating in while guiding them towards the optimal solution to their Real Estate aspirations. Commercial, Industrial and Retail real estate development is our forte and we welcome new challenges in this creative field of law.


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